War Machine Candidates

GW got us into 2 endless wars. Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama is getting us into a third, and now these 2 losers want to support some baby killing action as well:
In an effort aimed at countering a House Republican plan to defund American military operations in Libya, Senators John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a Democrat, and John McCain, a Republican, announced the introduction of a joint resolution on Tuesday authorizing the limited use of United States Armed Forces in Libya.
Obama and McCain both work for the same masters just as Kerry would have continued GW's mission had he had an abbreviated stay. There are no choices, just the perception of choices so you filthy workers think you have some say. Wrong copper top.

The sad state of affairs is that when it comes to the bailouts, budgets, and warmongering trifecta, things would not be much different under president McCain than we see right now under president Obama.

There are many reasons for this, but at the top of the list are campaign contributions from bankers, warmongers, homebuilders, etc, to candidates of both parties.

Does any candidate really want reform? The answer is "Yes, until they are elected and start receiving campaign contributions."

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