Greenspan's Body Count: Wayne Boswell

Greenspan is really picking up the pace these days, isn't he?

Today's episode of Greenspan's Body Count comes from Seattle, where 61-year-old real estate magnate Wayne Boswell saw his Stratford Group empire crumble before him.
[...] on April 1, a secretary arriving for work discovered a disturbing note on her desk. In it, Boswell explained that bad investments had left him bankrupt. According to police the note contained instructions on where to find his body.

Police found him in his car, with two bullet wounds to the chest, in the parking garage of the $1.5 million condo he shared with his wife overlooking the Seattle waterfront.

According to the police report, Boswell wrote that “his bad investments and trying to protect the clients he had sold bad investments to had bankrupted him.” He went on to say that he had “taken the dishonorable path out of this world.”
More than $1 million of client money was missing from Stratford Group trust accounts at the time of Boswell's suicide.

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 177.

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Anonymous said...

At least this story has a happy ending. I hope the "clients" this guy allegedly screwed will learn if there was any kind of insurance or other assets they can attach even if it means moving the wife from the waterfront view home to a nice apartment in the Hilltop area of Tacoma, also near the water.

IF only uur elected officials could use this method for their own ends.

America: Turd World Nation of Nothing and Serial Nobodies.

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