Greenspan's Body Count: Beckie and Stephen Boudreaux

If you haven't driven through Utah, please plan to do so. There's a reason the early Mormon settlers thought it was the Promised Land.

Nevertheless, even those in God's Country are not safe from Alan Greenspan's reign of terror. The Salt Lake Tribune on a murder-suicide in Salt Lake City suburb Sandy, Utah:
Sandy police Sgt. Jon Arnold said evidence indicates that Beckie Boudreaux, 66, shot and killed her husband, Stephen Boudreaux, 69, and then turned a handgun on herself.

"Our preliminary investigation does indicate homicide-suicide," Arnold said Tuesday. "There is no indication that Stephen was aware of Beckie’s plans or the financial struggles that appeared to be the motive behind Beckie’s choices."

Arnold also said Boudreaux family members had found "documentation that indicated she had been researching this for several months."

The shootings occurred late Sept. 22, and the couple’s bodies were found just before 1 p.m. Friday in the Boudreaux’s garage by a neighbor near 1900 Quail Crossing Lane. The neighbor had gone to investigate after noticing the Boudreaux’s garage door had remained open overnight.

The couple were found dead in one of the two cars parked inside the garage.

Arnold said that early last week Beckie Boudreaux had called her lawyer asking what would happen to debt in the case of suicide.

The answer to that last question is that if it's mortgage, business, auto, or credit card debt, you can file bankruptcy and start over. Beckie and Stephen should have taken that option. If it's student loan debt (unlikely in this case given the Boudreaux's ages), however, government policymakers have made it bankruptcy-proof and left suicide as the only way out. How sick is that?

Greenspan's Body Count stands at 190.

Thanks to reader Lee for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Greenspan himself, now 85 years old, will be gone soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Meh, as someone in their early 30s, I have zero sympathy for any Boomers in financial trouble. These two people spent their adult working lives, roughly 1965 through 2005, in one of the best economies overall in world history. And they're in dire straits?

Why do two people pushing 70 even have a mortgage? Housing was ten times more affordable in the 1960s through 1970s -- when these two were first-time homebuyers, what did a house cost in suburban Utah? $50,000? $25,000? And that's not paid off? And why do two people pushing 70 have huge credit card debts? They should have savings to pay that off instantly, considering their potential combined *80* years of income.

To sum up -- Greenspan is no saint, but fuck the Boomers.

Anonymous said...

"Why do two people pushing 70 even have a mortgage?"

Generational Foolishness.

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