Illegal is the new Legal

The Associated Press wrote a disturbing account regarding the ILLEGAL actions of a bunch of union members who believe that the law of the land gives them the right to work at the facility that they illegally damaged. The article does its best to avoid claiming the actions of the union members are actually illegal. Let's take a look.
TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Union activists aren't backing off demands to work at a new Washington state grain terminal after hundreds of Longshore workers stormed the facility, overwhelmed guards and dumped grain.
Let's itemize this:
  • hundreds of workers stormed the facility - Trespassing and possible property damage - illegal? Check.
  • overwhelmed guards - assault? Check.
  • dumped grain - property damage? Check.
When was it that those activities became legal again? Surely our legal system will protect those who were assaulted and those who had their property damaged, right?
U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton issued a preliminary injunction to restrict union activity, saying there was no defense for the aggressive tactics used in recent days.
AGGRESSIVE TACTICS? It's not assault but merely tactics? Let me ask this - if a known radical Muslim employed the exact same "tactics" on the port, would the judge have used the same terms? Probably not because Muslims aren't allowed to break the law in this country.

Ok but what else?
Workers have been battling for the right to work at the new terminal in Longview.
Associated Press, I think it would have been excellent if you had referenced the section in the Constitution where it explains our right to work where we desire. I so want to work at Goldman Sachs as a high level director so as soon as I find that section I'll be able to live my dream.

But really, what happened to the guards?
Six guards were trapped for a couple of hours after at least 500 Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack, Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha said. He initially referred to the guards as "hostages," but later retracted that after the guards clarified no one had threatened them.
Oh right, I'm sure those guards aren't scared for their lives if they claim otherwise. I'm sure they are just being honest. Just like wives that get beaten by bad husbands, it doesn't really happen if a wife says it's ok right?

And what about that broken glass, is that normal? Can I go down to any business and break the glass of it's store front? What would happen to me if I did that?

There is plenty more creative prose in this article to avoid the fact that these people broke the law. It would not at all be a stretch to call these people terrorists but since they are union members then the press regards them as heroes apparently.

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Shane Atwell said...

Visions of the armed gangs of Weimar Germany, like the brownshirts of Hitler's National Socialist German Workers Party.

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