Obama's "bipartisan" jobs plan: Social Security looting, handouts to state unions, and permanent tax increases on small business owners

You know how Obama kept saying his plan was "bipartisan," how it was chock full of Republican ideas, and how it was time to put politics aside and "pass this bill immediately?"

Yeah, here's the "bipartisan" details.

- Looting Social Security by suspending collection of the taxes that fund it
- Temporary, "sugar high" payroll tax cuts to prop up the economy through Obama's re-election, letting TSHTF in January 2013
- Permanent tax increases on families making $250,000 (i.e. small business owners)
- Cutting mortgage and charitable contribution deductions for those families, thus nuking America's charities
- Sending $130 billion to bad states to bail out the public employee unions

The largest chunk of Mr. Obama's tax package comes from limiting itemized deductions for families with more than $250,000 in yearly taxable income and individuals with more than $200,000, including those for home-mortgage interest, state and local property taxes and charitable donations. The White House says that measure would raise roughly $400 billion over 10 years.

That sounds exactly like what Republicans ran on, right?

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KoolAidParty said...

Are you insinuating that my President is telling less than the whole and entire truth before congress?

That is crazy-talk! The main stream media would tell me if the President was less than precisely accurate.

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