The callous hypocrisy of President Choomwagon

I can't say it any better than John Aziz did:
I don’t have a problem with Obama — or anyone else — smoking dope. As far as I am concerned, consenting adults have the liberty to do whatever they like so long as they don’t hurt others, or take their liberty or property.

I don’t have a problem with Obama — or anyone else — defining themselves by smoking dope.

I have a problem with hypocrisy.

Not only did Obama use marijuana in his youth, he also used cocaine, and reportedly crack. Today around 400,000 Americans are jailed for non-violent drug related offenses. That’s 400,000 outside of the workforce who could be out working and producing, instead of burdening the taxpayer, who pays to create profits for well-connected corporations in the prison-industrial complex.

Put more simply, there are more black people in prison as a result of the drug war today than there were slaves in 1850.

What’s President Obama — as a black man and a drug user — doing about that? There are still thousands of people being arrested for nonviolent drug offenses who are facing life in prison.
How did a guy who grew up as Jeff Spicoli end up as an adult mutant cross of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter?


Anonymous said...

Legalizing marijuana and/or other drugs isn't up to one man (Obama).

Fact is, there are simply too many ignorant, backwards old people in the Senate, in Congress, in politics in general. The *median* Senator age is almost 63! This country is a gerontocracy led by fossils with values from the 1930s. Get rid of these decrepit fools, and things will change. No one under 50 gives a flying f*ck about recreational drug use, gay marriage, or any other "controversies" that scare old people.

W.C. Varones said...

Getting Congress to legalize drugs isn't possible, but there is a lot Obama could do unilaterally on a wide range of enforcement issues. Unfortunately, he's proved to be a very enthusiastic drug warrior.



Anonymous said...

A mutant cross between Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon is an apt description of all 21st century presidents. Ain't crony capitalism grand?

Negocios Loucos said...

The irony is that weed impairs one's ability to connect logical threads so all those dope smoking zealots will only hear Obama say he's all for pot on Jimmy Fallon. Everyone will cheer and say how cool he is and that it must be a Republican conspiracy that is "causing" the executive branch to shut down dispensaries.

As someone with a family member who is in dire need of the treatment those dispensaries offer, I hate these people. They are evil, sadistic morons. Those dope smoking Dems will agree with me right after casting their vote for Obama because he digs pot man...

Anonymous said...

Do you actually believe that pot will be legalized in this country when it can bring certain elements billions of dollars profit vs. millions of taxable dollars, or none at all if grown in your back yard? The 3 most profitable businesses in the world are selling illegal drugs, the "war" industry, and lending money.

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