Obama will lose re-election

I am stunned at the consensus.  Intrade puts Obama re-election odds at 58.6%.  I attribute this to East Coast Media groupthink.  Take the other side of that bet!

Barack Obama is a radical socialist who hates the American free enterprise system.  The American people, who thought they were voting for a moderate Hope & Changer, now realize they got a radical socialist who hates the American free enterprise system.  We won't get fooled again! State and national polls are already showing huge swings against the Obama regime.

I am no Mitt Romney fan, but he is the perfect Republican to defeat Obama.  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum had boxcars of baggage to make them unelectable, but Mitt Romney is a bland, inoffensive, blue state moderate.  Unless they find Mitt Romney with a dead girl or a live boy, he's going to win this thing.

Before you dismiss this view as partisan or pollyannaish, please consider that I was the first to go on record in 2005 that Rick Santorum would lose his re-election bid (which he did, in a landslide).


Hack said...

Amen!! People give Obama way too much credit. He just lost NC by coming out of the closet. All national polls have Romney with a huge advantage on the economy. And that is the issue that will decide the election.

Anonymous said...

The problem is systemic. The democratic goal, probably since the new deal, has been to sufficiently make the public dependent on the state. With over 50% of the nation getting benefits (federal, state and local) and not paying taxes, that is a huge block to overcome.

In my own circle of family and friends, I see people on food stamps, medicaid, having babies out of wedlock, all things that would of been difficult 10 years ago, impossible 20 or 30, if not simply because of the stigma and shame. Now it's worn as a badge of honor.

Romneys only saving grace is Obama has been such a disgrace. Perhaps that will tip the scales.

Happy Super Tuesday!