Ron Paul speaks at UCSD, May 4, 2012

Ron Paul spoke last night at UCSD to a huge crowd of thousands of cheering fans.  He spoke for about 45 minutes, off-the-cuff, including recent and local topics like Chinese dissident Chen Guancheng and DEA victim and UCSD student Daniel Chong.  He hit on all the topics you'd expect - the war on drugs, the debt and deficit, central planning, the TSA, big government destroying the economy, the Dirty Fed, global imperialism, etc.  And of course the solution to all of this: restore the Constitution.

I went down with Left Coast Rebel to watch. It was great to be there and see the foremost leader of the freedom movement.  And after following Dr. Paul and the freedom movement for decades, it was awesome to see such enthusiasm for the principles of liberty catching on among people of all ages.

This guy caught the beginning and end of the speech, so you can get a feel for both the speech and the crowd.

UPDATE: My video, catching only the beginning, but with a closer view.

And my pics:

End the Fed baby!


SarahB said...

Love seeing the pics of young San Diego cheering on the message of freedom. Thank you for the report!

Doo Doo Econ said...

Great to see!

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