MorOn.org running out of morons

This warms my heart:
MoveOn, a giant in the progressive political world and an early endorser of Barack Obama in 2008, warns that it might have to “pull the plug” on key campaigns to help Obama and Senate Democrats if its 7 million members don’t pony up with at least $5.

Without a rush of new cash, MoveOn says it will have to give up efforts to elect Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, help the recall fight against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and energize younger voters who’ve soured on Washington.

“It's like picking which of your kids you love the most. I just can't do it,” said MoveOn in an email plea. “If we can’t increase our budget, we might have to dramatically scale back or pull the plug on some of MoveOn’s most important election efforts this year.”
"MoveOn" got its start during the Monica Blewclinsky affair, pretending to be a common sense, nonpartisan group that wanted to "move on" from impeachment for the good of the country. Then when GW Bush got elected, they suddenly no longer wanted to "move on" any more.

It's a testament to the colossal failure of Barack Obama that he has so dispirited his base that they won't even kick in five bucks any more.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Time to click on MoRon.org ads as quickly as possible!

Anonymous said...

read between the lines.

money is being allocated for the more important races.

hence why they have bailed on wisconsin, and soon on warren.

all for the One.

Happy Super Tuesday!