Varones Tea Party Voter Guide to the 2012 California Primary Election

Your Varones Voters Guide to the June 5 primary:

Republican nominee for President: Ron Paul. To vote for Paul, you need to register Republican by May 21. You can get a form here or at the post office. I believe everyone should do so, as Ron Paul is a clear alternative to the corrupt, crony capitalist, bankster-owned, war-mongering, civil-liberties-killing mainstream Democrats and Republicans. Democrats, Libertarians, and independents get no choice in the primary (other than writing in Mickey Mouse), and the primaries for all other positions are open, so there's no reason not to register Republican. You can re-register Dem or no party immediately after the election.

Senator: Gail Lightfoot. Unfortunately, we won't have a choice for Senator as no serious candidate is challenging uber-establishment career politician, 1%-er, and authoritarian Dianne Feinstein. Orly Taitz is the only other name I recognized among the twenty-something on the ballot. She's a Tea Partier but an obsessive Obama birther who has zero chance. Give Gail Lightfoot, retired nurse and Libertarian, your protest vote.

Prop 28: No. This is a sham term-limit initiative written by legislators to weaken the term limits passed by voters. California voters will probably fall for it.

Prop 29: No. Another $1 a pack tax on cigarettes. Taxes are already so high on cigarettes that people are buying in bulk out of state or on the black market. No more taxes until the state addresses the real fiscal problem: pensions.

San Diego Candidates and Initiatives:

San Diego Mayor: Carl DeMaio. DeMaio is the only reformer in the race. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is a GOP establishment coddler of corruption. Nathan Fletcher is a slimy opportunist who was behind the scenes supporting the Schwarzenegger tax hikes while pretending to be a fiscal conservative. Bob Filner is a union-owned Washington Democrat.

Congress, 49th District: Darrell Issa owns this district, and none of the other candidates appear to be mounting a serious campaign. Take your pick.

Congress, 52nd District: Brian Bilbray needs to go. He's an establishment GOP politician who voted for the debt ceiling can-kicking and the budget continuing resolution with no spending cuts, as well as the NDAA indefinite detention of American citizens.  Take physician Wayne Iverson, who's campaigning against the Obamacare abomination.

State Assembly, 76th District: Sherry Hodges is the GOP establishment pick, and a lock to win. Take Rocky Chavez or Farrah Douglas as a protest.

Board of Supervisors, 3rd District: Dave Roberts. Steve Danon is Brian Bilbray's chief of staff, a creature of the GOP machine, and a real brown-nosing weasel. Dave Roberts is the deputy mayor of Solana Beach, a pension-reforming Democrat.

San Diego City Prop A: Yes. Open city jobs to non-union contractors.

San Diego City Prop B: Yes.  Reform pensions before they bankrupt us.

UPDATE: The Liberator Today's picks.

UPDATE: Temple of Mut's picks.


Anonymous said...

True delegate count 12 May 2012: Romney - 312; Gingrich - 24; Paul - 110; Santorum - 144; caucus or primary held but delegate selection yet to be decided - 750; caucus or primary not yet held - 638. Delegates are not allocated until the state parties' conventions. By Party Rule 38 no delegates are bound, despite state rules (confirmed by case of delegate at the 2008 R NConvention by RNC lawyer). By Party Rule 11, Romney is ineligible to be nominated since Mr Priebus publically supported him.

Border Raven's Blog said...

Obama is a native born citizen, but since his father was not a US Citizen when Jr was born, then Jr is not a natural born citizen. That's the constitutional framework of natural born citizen eligible to serve as a US president. Obama fails.

Shane Atwell said...

Thanks WCV! This is awesome. Do you consider Ron Paul a protest vote, an attempt to get a brokered convention, or a real shot?

W.C. Varones said...

Probably a protest vote at this point, but never stop doing what's right just because it looks like a lost cause.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great job on this dude.

Anonymous said...

Actually in the 49th district, Jerry Tetalman seems to have a better shot than people might realize. Lots of anti Issa sentiment these days.

Brian Brady said...

Dave Roberts is a "tax & spend" Democrat. He was a driving force behind Prop L (which tea party people fought against). Any overtures he extends to pension reform lack the understanding that defined benefit plans leave taxpayers managing risk through a failed money manager (CalPERS)

Wcv said...

Brian, you're probably right. Carl Hilliard?

Anonymous said...

Check the record for yourself; Carl Hilliard has never met a tax increase he did not like! He bought the Howard Jarvis taxpayers endorsement with a large donation and his campaign is being led by the biggest north county tax and spend liberal there is, former Del Mar Mayor Crystal Crawford. Hilliard promised Crawford to support her for State Assembly (God forbid!) if she supported him for Supervisor. The record will show you that Hilliard supported numerous tax increases in Del Mar and I am told that is why local Del Mar resident Pam Slater-Price would not support him with her endorsement.

Wcv said...

OK, but you've got to admit that Steve Danon is a giant douchenozzle.

I think I'll stick with the Dem on this one.

constitution4efs said...

iCaucus endorsement balloting indicates that AD-76 is actually a very close race

Brian Brady said...

"Brian, you're probably right. Carl Hilliard?"

Sorry. We got talking on Rostra and I forgot we started it here. You and I haven't met but I'm guessing we share similar ideologies.

I get your thoughts about Danon but, as I said on Rosra, he's answered every question I asked in a satisfactory manner. When I asked those questions, it was only him and Roberts in contention.

Now, if you'll google "Dave Roberts tax-a-holic", you'll see that Hillard throws up the red meat to neanderthals like us.

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