Beer Bad, Beating Women Good

The compassionate, religion of peace that is Islam has a little rule that if you drink alcohol you are to be physically beaten under the laws of a supreme being. You know, the supreme being that gave man the ability to create the supreme beverage but then, as the sadistic bastard it is, comes with - you drink it, you pay.

Apparently a model in Indonesia named Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno drank a can of Natty Light, or some like concoction, and has been sentenced to 6 whacks with a wet noodle. The article is here.

Now caning for vandalism, see Michael Fay, if that is the law for vandalism, I got no problem with.

But caning for beer is seriously BARBARIC! I calculated my punishment if I were to be caned for all the beer I have drunk and apparently I'd receive 743,874 whacks. Yikes! I guess I ain't going to Jakarta anytime soon.

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