Canada Is Medical Perfection....or not

Rationing Vancouver (British Columbia not Washington) style: Socialist Medicine eh.

I remember spending a few days discussing this in my Urban Planning curriculum back in college. The communist prof. touted the Canadian system as far superior. But then he showed us a documentary on the topic on one of those huge TV's on a rolling cart with a VCR underneath it (times have changed).

It showed a guy with a heart problem in Windsor, Canada. They filmed his examination in Windsor in May. The doc said he had a serious problem but the earliest he could get surgery was in August. They took him across the river to Detroit to see a specialist there and that doc cleared his calendar for the next morning because the condition was immediately life threatening. Yet in the Canadian system there's room to wait.

Those who look at Canada as health care nirvana fail to do any research. They aren't bad but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that that system is worse then ours. See article above.

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