Google earth image of Antioch kidnapper Phillip Garrido's hidden backyard camp -- and Street View with van

Here's the satellite image from google maps of 1554 Walnut Ave, Antioch, where Phillip Garrido kept Jaycee Lee Dugard in a hidden backyard tent and shack complex for 18 years.

(click to enlarge)

Garrido had been sent to prison for 50 years but got out on "early release" after 11. Consider that as California legislators consider this week whether to give early release tens of thousands of felons onto the streets of California. Oh yeah, your legislators know exactly which ones are dangerous, and they won't let any of them out among the tens of thousands.

This guy's lawyer is going to have a hell of a statute of limitations argument. I don't know what they can charge him with. The kidnapping was 18 years ago and recently there was no statutory rape or, apparently, false imprisonment, as she seems to have been living there voluntarily and interacting with the locals.

UPDATE: Thanks for this tip, Matt. Watch the van pull out of the driveway and follow the Google Street View camera:

What a coincidence that a kidnapper would drive a kidnapper van!

And Garrido's blog.

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