French Lessons the SEIU ignores

But of course! This is how the French solve their economic/labor problems....

French Factory Workers Get Naked to Save Jobs

"Our aim is to show there are workers here who will do anything to save their jobs, even take their clothes off."

-French Girl

That's a sophisticated solution, eh? Actually, I think I heard there's a clause somewhere in the Cap and Trade bill that requires workers to do similar things [badumpbump].

But seriously; these laid-off workers are trying to raise money, not to fund replacing the jobs they've lost, not to put food on the ex-workers' tables for a while, but rather, just so they can travel to Italy so that they can protest in front of their Parent Company's building, in hopes of saving some of the lost jobs. All that nudity for such a desparate plan?

Bonus: Have we now finally discovered how Obama is calculating the number of jobs he's "saved"? Maybe he's just counting the number of nude beggars that appear in front of the White House every month and calling each a "saved job". Nude Protesting. Ha. That's soooo amateur. Dear Leader prefers the highly-developed techniques executed by his taxpayer-funded professional protesters.

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