Please No!! People of MA, stop this!

Another Senator Kennedy in Massachussetts?

MA, your state is a laughing stock (just like my state of IL, so I can say this). You choose your politicians based on their surnames. And only one surname is acceptible, it seems. Also, you are going to allow your state assembly to change the laws whimsically, in order that the power brokers can maintain their control? Please, No! Rise Up! Don't let another Kennedy waltz into office for another 50 year "stint"! Don't let your governor and your assembly change the law to benefit a single family. Be assured, you, citizens of MA, will not be the ones benefitting when the the governor signs a bill allowing him to appoint an interim senator. You people have been lazy at the polls for way too long. You've been blind to the fraud and theft your representatives have continually committed. Stand up for yourselves! Call your assemblymen and say no to any change in the law that mandates special elections instead of governor-appointments. Do not allow your governor to put an interim shill/lackey/fall boy in place. Become active. Demand accountibility. Demand an end to this personal agrandizement on behalf of your poltical class at the expense of the citizens of MA.

Do this and you'll be proud as you see the results trickling across the Boston Globe, and local news. You'll see hints that the assembly is maybe not a rubber stamp, that the Kennedys are not the only people you can send to Washington. And just think, this will be good practice for when it comes time to decide whether you want to re-elect Barney Frank this time.

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