Foreigners' Perspectives: Nationalized Health Care establishes a Permanent Left-of-Center political state

Mark Steyn, who is from the UK, writes this piece that completely devastates the idea of National Health Care. Steyn's take on this reminds me that people from other countries are often better able to explain why the United States is/was such an amazing country. See the incredible book Democracy In America by the Frenchman Alexis de Tocquiville (or the complete text online for free). Steyn's excellent piece begins with this paragraph:

Steyn on America
Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Health care is a game-changer. The permanent game-changer. The pendulum will swing, and one day, despite their best efforts, the Republicans will return to power, and, in the right circumstances, the bailouts and cap-&-trade and Government Motors and much of the rest can be reversed. But the government annexation of health care will prove impossible to roll back. It alters the relationship between the citizen and the state and, once that transformation is effected, you can click your ruby slippers all you want but you’ll never get back to Kansas.

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