Feminists vs. PETA

Instapundit pointed me to this feminist law blog rant against PETA.
The line “We have no intention of changing our tactics until every last animal on the planet is given more respect than woman” barely registers as satire, PETA’s ads are so awful. [...] I don't understand PETA at all.

I'm a proud and loyal member of PETA.

I guess I believe that intelligent women in a woman-founded and women-majority organization have the right to use a little humor, sex, and shock value to get their message across.

Feminists could take a lesson from PETA. A little more humor and less bitter anger might help advance their cause.

But I guess they have different attitudes because of their differing goals. PETA wants to change people's hearts and persuade them to make more compassionate choices in their personal lives. Feminists don't want to persuade individuals; they want to capture only courts and legislatures to advance their goals.

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