And with no Teleprompter. How novel!

Over 1 million views on youtube. Goin' viral, and I can see why.


1)"We got tricked in 2008! But we're gonna take Saul Alynski's rules for radicals, and we're gonna turn it on them, and we're gonna drive it through them, and take this country back."

2) "If we are not willing to take a stand right now, and take this country back and put it on the right track, with the principles and values it was established upon, you're complicit! It's your fault, your fault, and your fault! It's ok to come here and cheerlead. But you better get your butts out there and understand it's a fight! And you better be willing to fight for this country!"

I think this guy's been ghost-writing my posts behind my back.

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