Merry Xmas Eve Eve + Santa Ends the Fed

WCV actually "modified" this
and it's pretty much perfect.

I'm going to get really squishy here for a second and introduce myself. WCV links to me all the time so most of you know who I am but I finally offered to write here (sorry, I'm late in asking) and WCV was totally down. Of course. You sort of do that for someone who offers to push you past the SF Fed with an offensive sign in a wheelchair 40 years from now. Jr Deputy Accountant shows up here all the time, might as well just show up and write every now and then.

WC Varones once said I'd ventured into the Heart of Darkness and if anyone knows just how deep, it's him. I'll try to be your official Fed correspondent and here's to hoping no one cuts me while I'm reporting back from enemy lines.

Promise not to swear. If you want that, you have to come to my sandbox. A little birdie told me WCV is anal about F-bombs (why am I here again?) so I'll try to control myself.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, Merry f&*^ing Christmas if you celebrate it. I've been injected with "The Spirit" lately but more with $2.99 LED battery-powered lights from Walgreens and glitter antlers than burning out the credit card I don't have. In case you guys didn't hear, things stopped looking up a bit ago and while that's sad, it's reality. You can call it the government machine chugging out if you want to, it feels like "normalization" to me and if that's not a reason to bust out some blinking lights for your (about to be more expensive) commute, I don't know what is.

There's a lot to be grateful for. I still have a job. I get to do a lot of amazing things. I got to flip off the Fed Board of Governors over the summer in DC. That's something to be proud of.

But something is really wrong here. I hate to have to point it out but it's not for Tim Geithner to tell us that everything is under control. He is like the alley cat that doesn't know where it will find its next meal, sniffing around whatever is dumb enough to feed the strays.

Anyway, in the spirit of the holidays, here's my list of demands for Santa. Ending the Fed is a good start but I'm cool with any sort of neutering, cauterizing, tying up, or otherwise reigning in of the Fed. I'm not a picky girl.


Anonymous said...

That's known in some circles as a "fine debut."

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Why thank you, OZ, happy to be here. :)


Happy Super Tuesday!