College Football - Bread and Circus

A few days ago I posted a commentary on the college football's post-season mockery of sport. The purpose to was to illustrate an ironic situation with regards to Americans accepting a champion that is determined by committee instead of on the field. Sure 2 teams play each other but 5 teams deserve the chance. I tried to draw a comparison to other societies where small groups of people determine who is profitable and who is not; who wins and who loses out.

What I was not intending to suggest was that Congress or anyone else do anything about it. If the masses want champions determined by small committee instead of in a fair competition then that's what the masses want. If they didn't, they wouldn't watch. Unfortunately someone in Congress is using this issue as another reason to avoid focusing on important, real issues like deficits and crazies in Iran - House panel considers college football playoffs.

It would however be a fantastic irony of an irony; Congress stepping in to determine who gets to play for the championship – that’s a good thing?

And one other point that I do believe might deserve some relevance regarding labor law is that these kids are willing slave laborers. Again no one is forcing them to but I'd imagine that an 8 year old going to work in an Indonesian sweatshop is doing it willingly because everyone else is. Yet here that is illegal.

If it's a multi-billion dollar industry (again the mockery of an irony) then these kids should get a cut of the billions.

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