Christmas Eve Surprise: Obama nationalizes entire US mortgage market to create permanent power base

Business Insider: Obama plans to permanently nationalize the GSEs and use them as vehicles to bail out deadbeat homedebtors at taxpayer expense. Not only will he not wind down the zombie companies, he will massively expand them so that they will buy up the entire mortgage market as the Dirty Fed winds down its purchases.

Folks, get your hands on some tangible assets whether it be gold, real estate, farmland, or commodity stockpiles. Obama has just announced that he will destroy the dollar and the U.S. Government to bail out Wall Street.

UPDATE: Because Obama now directly controls the entire US residential mortgage market, he'll be able to dictate who can build housing, where it can be built, and what type of housing will be built. And he'll be able to extract enormous political contributions from the industry to keep his corrupt regime in power. Wall Street Pit


Anonymous said...

so you think it'll be mixed use, green, low income housing that completely avoids the flyover states?

Anonymous said...

Unlimited bailouts of fannie and fredddie give me a sick feeling. They were NOT supposed to be backed by the full faith and credit of the US.

What other deals are being made in smoke-filled rooms that we have no control over?


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