On Lenin, Rather, and Internet truths

This may come as a rude surprise, but much of what you read on the Internet is no more truthful than a White House press conference or a CBS news story.

There's an excellent alleged Lenin quote that would be highly appropriate for our current circumstances. It's widely reported around the Internets as legit:
The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
Sadly, it may be, in the now-familiar phrase, "fake but accurate."

The most authoritative source I can find (during a commericial break of Family Guy) on a similar quote casts doubt on a lot of what was attributed to Lenin.

(How ironic that Keynes ended up implementing the Lenin millstones by laying his idea of omniscient and benevolent politicians and bureaucrats perfectly taming the business cycle as the theoretical groundwork that paved the way for Greenspan and Bernanke to crush the bourgeoisie!)

When the politicians, the media, and now even the Internets will lie to you, what's a boy to do?

Don't take any wooden nickels, kiddos, and always wear a Snopes.


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

WCV you are on an eloquent roll tonight, I love it.

Sic Ibid said...

Is it even possible to completely trust any reference to a "primary source", or any "primary source" itself, that one sees on the internet, regarding anything that happened before the internet went public?

Anonymous said...

Sic Ibid did not just say that.

Happy Super Tuesday!