BWP - W.C. Varones

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This guy got busted for Bicycling While Poor in Carmel Valley. Carmel Valley may be a bunch of overpriced tract homes on tiny lots with freeway noise, but the cops are as fascist as you'd find in your finest gated community.


Scott said...

Did the cop arrest you for taking his picture? Or did he proudly hold up the perp he arrested as a trophy?

Ubu said...

What was he arrested for? I have no idea.

But as a life-long road bicyclist, I am daily trying to avoid some idiot on a bike riding on the sidewalk, going against traffic. Between the awful drivers and the morons on bikes, I don't know who is worse (but I know who gets the worst of it). But since no one in CA enforces any kind of driving rules, why should anyone enforce any bicycling rules either? Everyone, do what the hell you please, except that guy, you go to jail.

Jennifer said...

Maybe that a body in that bundle up there on his handle bars....


Ubu said...

Yes, Jen, I think it was once a body, but it has been smoked by a long process of exposure to bum-fires, and now is more aptly refered to as "jerky". He was just pausing at an intersection to nibble a bit of the toe.

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