Krugman in Wonderland

Paul Krugman apparently once had something interesting to say about economics, as he got a Nobel Prize for something he wrote years ago (though Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and Barack Obama all won Nobel Peace Prizes, so maybe I'm reading too much into that).

Nonetheless, as we've documented here again and again, Krugman hasn't had an original economic thought in years. His New York Times columns always boil down to two themes: 1) we're not borrowing, printing, and spending enough money; and 2) Republicans are stupid and/or evil.

Alas, the frequency of Krugman's inanities is far to great for us to respond to every instance. Fortunately, we've found Krugman in Wonderland, an excellent blog devoted to mocking the ridiculous things that Krugman writes. Blogger William L. Anderson is an economics professor of the Austrian persuasion, and it's a thing of beauty to see a relatively unknown professor from a small college regularly destroy the pronouncements of the East Coast elitists' Oracle Krugman.

Thanks to Left Coast Rebel for pointing us to KiW.

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I knew you would like the site! Thanks for heading out yesterday...

Nailed it

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