Shutdown farce remains talk of the town

We are running $1.5 trillion serial deficits, and the clowns in Washington are arguing over $30 billion in cuts. That is less than 1% of federal spending. They are watching a tsunami coming, and they are arguing over what bathing suit to wear.

The shutdown is a farce. They will close the national parks just to show the public that they can screw up people's vacation plans if they don't get a blank check to sell our children into debt slavery.

They may shut it down for a few days until the couch potatoes start complaining because CNN told them to. Then they'll come to a compromise which does absolutely nothing to address the fiscal crisis.

And when QE2 is done, if the Chinese don't want to buy our debt any more to fund the reckless spending, we'll have QE3.

Shut it down for a year! Our parents and grandparents lived without an omni-intrusive federal government and 10% GDP deficits. Let's give it a try.

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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

The fear was tangible around town yesterday, I couldn't believe there were so many cars on the road when I left work at 10p. Like what, they were going to run away from the shutdown?

Today's Post is covered in images of good little bureaucrats scrambling through Metro, with a cover shot of an FAA shlub shlepping her over-sized plant home in case it needed watering in the event of a shutdown.

And today? Business as usual. I think I heard cheering last night when the news came that they'd averted a shutdown.

Too bad, I liked the feeling of the entire DC metro holding its scared breath.

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