Some Anti Obama Art

It's no "Joker". But here's a painting, called "The Forgotten Man", by John McNaughton. It's the artist's vision of how all of our previous Presidents would react to our current President. When artists start to openly express their discontent with any Liberal politician, you know the wider public must be way ahead of them. Especially considering that artists and professional creative types gushed tears of joy as they ushered our first "post racial" President (guffaw!!) into office, it's usually a big, yet very personal, moment of "reckoning" for them as they each individually come to the realization that Obama is just another thieving, lying politician hell-bent on enriching his cronies at the expense of the average citizen. Here's my own anecdotal support for that statement: In Hollywood, CA, back in the fall of 2009, I personally was told first hand by maybe 30 self-described "Liberals" and "Democrats", each of whom was a creative professional, that they thought Obama was an awful President, "a 1-Termer". I never asked anyone's opinion, nor did I even mention the President. But these creative professionals kept volunteering to me their disgust with Obama, out of nowhere, in the course of normal one-on-one conversations.

All of that notwithstanding, I doubt this particular artist was ever much of a supporter of Obama's, judging from his previous work. Still, his career certainly is now in more danger than ever before, as the majority of the arts community remains deeply brainwashed and hypnotized by the Radical Leftists in this nation, and is actively nasty, censorial, judgmental, intolerant, and reactionarily vindictive towards anything and anyone they deem to be even remotely "conservative".


Unknown said...

Thanks for introducing me to the art of Jon McNaughton. I had not heard of him before. His paintings are fantastic, inspired work of a real American. I especially like The Forgotten Man. Outstanding. It is an accurate, and chilling depiction of our Prevaricator-in-Chief's utter disdain for the Constitution, and the havoc he's wreaking on average guys like me.

Anonymous said...

Yes the country is going in the wrong direction. Where were these people before Obama? When will they realize that the ping pong game of power brokers in DC changes nothing? Time to restore the rule of law, liquidate the bad debts, restore confidence in markets.

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.