Liars and Counterfeiters

PEOPLE! I cannot stress enough that the fabric of America is being burned by the liars and counterfeiters of this great nation. We must as a population thank our astute and johnny-on-the-spot law enforcement for cracking down on the evils that so tarnish our population. To wit: BARRY BONDS! Evil, evil, evil! How dare he lie about his use of performance enchancing drugs. The fact that he almost got away with it risked, well, elderly starva....no; risked selling people loans they could not afford...no; risked selling securities that he later shorted and made a profit on....no. Oh yes, he lied to a Grand Jury and that is against the law. But aren't there more sinister examples of Wall Street fat cats lying to everyone that did cause those things? And they don't even get indicted?


As to the Counterfeiters! HOW DARE YOU Chucky Cheese! SHAAAMMMEEEE! What you are doing is destroying the savings of the elder....no; causing commodities prices to sky rocket....no; destabilizing 3rd world countries because of 6 fold food increases....no; enabling the US Government to run trillion dollar deficits....no; destroying DEMOCRA.....no! Chucky Cheese, you sir threaten the very fabric of this great nation with your so called game tokens. HOW DARE YOU DEAR MOUSE, HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?

Please see Alt-Market for more excellent commentary:
"...The majority of Chuck E. Cheese customers are obviously right wing extremists with aspirations of homegrown terrorism. They openly believe in outlandish conspiracy theories, including the claim that the American economy is on a bullet-train to hell, its greased lighting supplied by the rampant unaccountable activities of the Federal Reserve, including their deliberate destruction of our monetary system. These accusations are preposterous. I see absolutely no signs that the economy or the dollar are in any danger whatsoever. Frankly, only a man like Timothy McVeigh would eat at Chuck E. Cheese."
And don't EVEN get me started on getting oral satisfaction from staffers! Unconstitutionally declaring war is one thing but getting a BJ is obviously quite a more serious matter indeed.

NOTE: For those not up to speed on the Chuck E. Cheese reference, please see the case of Bernard Von Nothaus, who was convicted of counterfeiting and labeled a domestic terrorist by the prosecutor for making Ron Paul silver coins which a) look nothing like U.S. currency and b) if you were going to counterfeit currency, why would you do it with precious metals that are worth far more than the currency you're allegedly trying to fake?

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