"Lindsey You Jackass!"

Be John Galt has linked a hilarious rant pertaining to Lindsey Graham's commentary which we commented on here.

Ms. Barnhardt nails it:

In her second part, which you can get to by clicking the Be John Galt link above, she burns pages of the Koran. I personally can't stand the burning of any books because it's only destruction of content. Whether you think the content is BS or not, it's still destruction and it's wasteful to me. I don't believe any books should ever be burned, BUT I certainly support her right to do so without exception.

I generally think religion is just a huge distraction supported by the ruling class to control their subjects. Whether it be Christian, Muslim, whatever; religion is a tool used to control, and in the case of radicals, incite violence.

The only thing close to religion I have is the Constitution of the United States of America. What I see happening today is people like Lindsey Graham trying to destroy it. And with each action by our current, and previous, administration that violates the Constitution, it becomes more apparent that it is truly at risk.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham also has the right to free speech. The trouble with people like Ann Barnhardt is that they are all for free speech for people who agree with them. Her tirade against Graham proves that. Every person's opinion should be treated with respect.I think you are right in saying books should not be burned. A person should be able to express their opinions without resorting to things like that. Also I agree that they have a right to do it under the 1st Amendment. Free speech is free speech. The 1st Amendment can't be repealed and there is nothing Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid or Justice Stephen Breyer can do about it. But the 1st Amendment doesn't protect one against the consequences of their actions. If people choose to be irresponsible that is their business, but I really don't want my taxpayers money paying for security and body guards for these people when the death threats come in.

Anonymous said...


Lindsey wants to use the government to shut people up. Ann Barnhardt is just criticizing him.

Do you not understand the difference between government censorship and an individual criticizing someone?

Every person's opinion should be treated with respect.

That's about the dumbest fucking thing I've heard all week. Some people's opinions are so fucking stupid they deserve ridicule and derision. I'd put you and Lindsey in that category.

Anonymous said...

With her submachine gun, Ann Barnhardt wants to be the big bad Nazi forcing her opinions on everybody else. The truth hurts, she can't measure up to Lindsey Graham in either intellect or character. All she can do is call him vile names. She would need a stepladder to even touch his boots. She cowardly burned the Koran in the safety of her own home. After all she's not out there facing the bullets. I don't have any concerns for her safety because I've heard that Muslims are very compassionate toward people who are insane or mentally deficient.

wcv said...

Lindsey wants perpetual foreign wars and to trample on our First Amendment rights, but Ann is the Nazi for criticizing him? Mmmmmkayyyyy....

Anonymous said...

Graham doesn't want to trample lst Amendment rights. He never said that. He said he wished people could be held accountable for their actions because we are in a war. This doesn't register with most people, but it's very real for people whose sons are over there. We want to see someone stand up and defend their rights. If Ann showed some sense, criticizing Graham in a rational manner instead of ranting and raving like an insane madwoman I may have some respect for her and her opinions. I'll never watch any of her videos again. Obama is going to be reelected so I won't waste my time. End of story!

Anonymous said...

"He said he wished people could be held accountable for their actions because we are in a war."

War of 1812
Spanish American War
Korean "conflict"
South East Asia
War on poverty
War on drugs
War on crime
War on obesity
War on terror (for going on a decade now in case anyone is counting)
"Kinetic" action in Libya
etc. I've probably missed a few...I'm not perfect

Is there a time when it is OK to critique? We put into place self-serving leadership that loves going to war - always have and probably always will. I don't think that merits an end to the need to critique the leadership - shit they used to beat the fuck out of each other on the Senate floor and duel with pistols - that's what I want to see again! I wanna see John Kerry in a cage match with John McCain. I wanna see Bachman vs. McCaskill cat fights on the floor with hair pulling and nail scratching and shouts of "You bitch!" I want fucking entertainment and I want it NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

and this just in...

We now have the "GOP War on Women" (or so says Nancy Pelosi on Drudgereport today)....

thank you Nancy for illustrating my point in a such a timely fashion... now, back to the War on Terror...

Anonymous said...

and next up is the Rev. Jesse Jackson:

“[T]his really is a Civil War fight,” Jackson said. “This is making the federal government dysfunctional on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. These guys will support three wars.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/04/07/jesse-jackson-declares-federal-budget-fight-the-american-civil-war-all-over-again/#ixzz1IwA73a1s

ummm, no Jesse it really isn't. You see, if it WERE a new Civil War we would be shooting real bullets from real rifles at each other, slicing and dicing each other real swords, lobbing live artillery shells at each other, strafing each other with real airplanes outfitted with real machine guns that shoot real bullets... you know? super fun shit like that..... this is a disagreement over money that MIGHT lead to a civil war if the suit wearing monkeys and egomaniac pinheads can't find agreement but at the moment, it isn't a civil war...

back to the war on terror.....

Anonymous said...

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - The United States may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, according to the general who led the military mission until NATO took over

don't you dare call Lindsey names....we're at war....

oooohh, you hurtful brute, you....

Anonymous said...

"Every person's opinion should be treated with respect"

My ex-wife would love you. I can give you her number if you like.

Anonymous said...

come to think of it, my alcoholic ex-brother-in-law would be into you too so if your gate swings that direction, let me know.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is going to be reelected so I won't waste my time"

I wouldn't wager the family arugula farm on that one just yet.

Anonymous said...

all you need to know about "any hope for the future lying with the republicans saving us at the last second" - which seems to be the story they've agreed upon - can be found at the heart of ms. barnhardt's video(s).

1) the halfwit peabrain senator that thinks free speech is a dangerous thing in the hands of the proles who she's cheerfully cutting a new....uh..."orifice" for is a...republican.
2) to my knowledge, no elected republican anywhere - and *certainly* no republican senator - has found it in him/herself to muster up the nuts to criticize his/her fellow senator. "principles are for saps and the proles! here in the US senate, we prefer to keep things collegial."
3) these are also the same candyasses who don't want to trouble our Dear Leader with bothersome questions about his birth certificate - even if the whole thing turns out to be much ado about nothing. and then bash anyone who DOES dare raise such impertinent questions. they LOVE our Dear Leader, and hate those who would vex him!!
4) this just a few mere MONTHS after they cowered in fear as their esteemed colleagues, the democrats, blasted bush as 'monkey', 'moron', 'hitler2', and all the rest.
5) and their draconian budget cuts, so crushing and heartless as to force the democrats to regretfully shut the government down, amount to....what? .005% of the budget? if that?

you shall know them by their actions. they talk a good game, and spend a little slower than the dems, but at the end of the day, their goals are no different from the donkey party: 1)enrich themselves and their banker masters 2)get re-elected, no matter what lies need be said or bribes be paid 3)destroy the middle-class, with their uppitty notion that *they're* equal to the governing class. bury the insolent proles under enough debt, and they'll be too busy trying to keep their brats fed and their tawdry doublewides heated to annoy their leaders with their never-ending complaints. people forced to work 3 and 4 jobs don't have the time to write letters, or blogs, or vote.

so face it: we're screwed.

PS - as for the moron who actually wrote the pablum that Teacher spent so much time indoctrinating him/her with, ("every person's opinion should be treated with respect")(LOL), does that count for KKK members? white-power skinheads? men who think women should be barefoot, pregnant, illiterate and not be allowed to vote? (in other words, "moslems".) no? you meant everybody BUT those guys??

then you're an idiot. a quick lesson for you about the nature of respect: respect, unlike water, flows from low place to high place. that means that you should respect **everyone**, and **no one** need bother to respect you or your bonehead PC opinions.

Anonymous said...

The media ignored Ann Barnhardt's Koran burning. I don't think it was as sensational as she expected it to me. I have an idea that she really did not burn a Koran. It looked like she was burning plain sheets of paper to me. It was probably all a fake. I believe it was all just a publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Australia and I thought it was a comedy sketch at first???? I really hope no more UN staff are targeted because of this! Its a very irresponsible thing she has done, I too am for free speech but not at the expense of someones life.

W.C. Varones said...

Yeah, but you gotta love the bacon bookmarks!

Anonymous said...

16 comments on this stuff, and NO ONE manages to focus in on the real problem? you know the one: where the homicidal illiterates across the islamic world, so indolent and terrified of women, go nuts and bravely murder unarmed innocents because someone abuses or speaks ill of a freakin' BOOK?!?

imagine a group of halfwit primitives who worship and consider divine that famous old '70's hit, "seasons in the sun". and everytime a radio station doesn't play it at least once an hour; or a DJ makes a snide comment on it; or a blogger jokes about how ridiculous it is.....the whackos run riot and rape and burn and kill.

could any of you mange to dredge up enough outrage to condemn THEM?? so why not moslems, who do essentially the same intimidation tactics. not a *peep* about THOSE guys being scumbags, huh?

to quote the joker: "i mean, what happened? did your BALLS drop off??"

Negocios Loucos said...

Last comment please see my comment in our previous post

I agree with your assessment of the insanity of the people that are committing this atrocious acts of violence. In my opinion the nutball preacher in Florida is worthless in the truest sence; he didn't do anything worth commenting on. The insane religious nutfuck murders in Afganistan are evil subhumans who deserve the worst society, real civil society, has to offer. I hate those people.

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