Casey Serin South update

An update on former hot-shot Bakersfield realtor David Crisp:
Missouri-based Chicago Title Company, represented by a Pasadena law firm, is suing David Crisp, his wife Jennifer and Crisp's former real estate company, Crisp & Cole and Associates for more than $160,000.The lawsuit alleges Crisp took out a line of credit on a Central Bakersfield property for more than $149,000 from Wells Fargo bank. But, when he sold the house in November of last year, the line of credit was not paid off at closing. The principal, plus interest and other fees add up to $160, 917.91.In July, Chicago Title paid off Crisp's note in full. Wells Fargo then assigned the note to the title company.
Somehow, I don't think Chicago Title is going to get its money back. Blood from a stone, as they say. Little Davey Crisp appears to have a negative net worth in the 7- or 8-figure range.

I'll bet those dopes at Countrywide will still give him a loan, though.

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