Mais pourquoi, mais pourquoi

So a French Bank suspends redemptions because they can’t value the Mortgage Backed Securities. Interesting.

Pardon monsieur investor, but your account balance is, how do you say, je ne c’est qua.

And Cramer, who apparently is an actor to provide quality entertainment for CNBC, stated that all of the mortgage companies could go bankrupt, the housing companies could go bankrupt but it would not impact our economy. REALLY? And the fact that every single time in HISTORY that we have had a housing downturn it was followed by a recession has no bearing here?

Cramer is a manic depressive and on days he is going to be on the air they take him off the lithium. "We’re ALL DEAD", "the market is fine", "ONLY THE FED CAN SAVE US", "housing really doesn’t matter". I just think ethically speaking we shouldn’t be taking advantage of Cramer’s mental and sometimes physical conditions for our own entertainment. What a clown.

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