Countrywide is like a box of chocolates

I haven't read it yet, but judging by the after-hours market action, there's a steamy dump in CFC's 10-Q.

UPDATE: Maybe this?

Item 1A. Risk Factors
Item 1A of our 2006 Annual Report presents risk factors that may impact the Company’s future results. Inlight of recent developments in the mortgage, housing and secondary markets, those risk factors are supplemented by the following risk factor:

Debt and secondary mortgage market conditions could have a material adverse impact on our earnings and financial condition. We have significant financing needs that we meet through the capital markets, including the debt and secondary mortgage markets. These markets are currently experiencing unprecedented disruptions, which could have an adverse impact on the Company’s earnings and financial condition, particularly in the short term.

Current conditions in the debt markets include reduced liquidity and increased credit risk premiums for certain market participants. These conditions, which increase the cost and reduce the availability of debt, may continue or worsen in the future. The Company attempts to mitigate the impact of debt market disruptions by obtaining adequate committed and uncommitted facilities from a variety of reliable sources. There can be no assurance, however, that the Company will be successful in these efforts, that such facilities will be adequate or that the cost of debt will allow us to operate at profitable levels. The Company’s cost of debt is also dependent on its maintaining investment-grade credit ratings. Since the Company is highly dependent on the availability of credit to finance its operations, disruptions in the debt markets or a reduction in our credit ratings, could have an adverse impact on our earnings and financial condition, particularly in the short term.

I read that as, "If we get downgraded, we're toast."

Is there anybody other than Moody's and S & P that still believes Countrywide is an investment grade company?

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