CNN: Allee Bautsch who? Hey, look, Kumar got mugged!

CNN still hasn't heard of Allee Bautsch, the young campaign staffer to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who was beaten so badly, apparently by leftist protesters, that her leg was broken in four places.

But former stoner movie actor Kal Penn, currently an Obama propagandist, was unhurt in an apparently non-politically-motivated robbery, and CNN's Senior White House Correspondent is all over it.


Anonymous said...

Sure, because Kal Penn didn't lie and try to pin it on republicans. That's what Bautsch did, until the police report reflected the truth, and now the two "victims" are slithering off into the closet. They lied about the Palin pins and they lied about the motivation. The guy told police he thought they were just drunken revelers and that NO political comments were made during the attack. Just another republican lie. Maybe Kal Penn should lie and say it WAS a political attack. You think Limbaugh would give him some airtime? Nah...b/c Limbaugh could give a shit.

Anonymous said...


They have a picture now of one of the liberal protesters who is the main suspect. So in other words, the liberal protesters are now the chief suspects in the beating. You lose.


If you can show the "lie" you are referring to, you might have some credibility. She never claimed to have palin pins.

Anonymous said...

No, the police report clearly states that the male victim said no political comments were made. In fact, only homophobic comments were made and the male victim said that the guys were probably just drunks. The two LIED about wearing Palin pins. Jindal's office AND the police had to make statements to clear up that lie! As for that picture, that's some guy from the earlier protest that some blogger decided to accuse. He could be sued for libel. Police have no suspects yet. Just more republican lies.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the victims ever said it was because of Palin Pins!

They said they werent sure if it was any of the 200+ protesters!

Maybe they should have asked for 2 forms of I.D. from the protesters in the begining, then 150 ft later asked the punks who peat them up for 2 forms of I.D. as well, then cross checked the list before talking to the cops!

ProfoundSkeptic said...

Come on - you can't keep on saying "apparently by leftist protesters" without presenting at least some evidence. I just found two sources on the attack and neither of them made any case for the protesters involvment. Come on, it was New Orleans at night - enough said!

Anonymous said...

That's kind of the point- you can't find sources because the media isn't covering it.

Try New Orleans blog The Hayride. They've been doing a great job covering it.

W.C. Varones said...

Sorry, last anon was me. WCV

W.C. Varones said...

Here's another local source for you.

Crickets chirping at CNN still.

Happy Super Tuesday!