Libertarian revolution

There are lots of signs of a libertarian reawakening in America: the Tea Parties' energy around limited government, GOP politicians shutting up about social issues and focusing on fiscal responsibility, Ron Paul winning CPAC and the CBS poll, issues polls among conservatives/Republicans and Americans overall.

The latest sign? I'm listening to paleocon Roger Hedgecock on his national radio show, and he's speaking favorably of legalizing marijuana -- and so are a majority of callers from his right-wing radio audience!

The times, they are a-changin!

P.S. I remember back in the early 90's there was a local TV show called 3rd Thursday or something like that. It was a monthly topical show with a big studio audience. As I recall, Hedgecock co-hosted with a local female news anchor. They discussed legalization one time, and Hedgecock was totally against it. They did a call-in poll which came in in favor of legalization, and I recall Hedgecock dismissing the results due to the unscientific nature of the poll (yes, I voted a couple dozen times).


Mutnodjmet said...

I wrote an article that focused on the risk assessment for pot:


I hope you enjoy it.

W.C. Varones said...

Well said!

SarahB said...

I think a lot of folks are really coming to the "fiscal conservative/social libertarian" political label (which is pretty much Libertarian, right?)...so I think you are right on.

B-Daddy said...

Overall agree and am very happy about this turn of events. I was a teenage Libertarian, but I changed it to the lower case variety in 2008 due to the utter lack of seriousness of the LP. Your thoughts?

W.C. Varones said...


Totally agree. I'm currently registered big L, but don't take the LP very seriously. I call myself a small l, and vote for big party candidates when they are acceptable.

Independent Accountant said...

Uncle Miltie favored drug legalization 45 years ago.

Happy Super Tuesday!