Why is Susan Roesgen still listed as a reporter at CNN?

Remember CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen who berated Tea Partiers while supposedly reporting on the Chicago Tea Party? And who lightheartedly reported on a Bush-Hitler caricature but launched into a tirade over Obama being called a fascist?

CNN appeared to try to distance itself from the embarrassing Roesgen last July when it reportedly did not renew her contract.

Did they really let her go? Roesgen still appears on CNN's web site as a reporter, with no mention of a termination. I'm not aware of her being on the air anymore (though I don't watch CNN). Is she still on the payroll or is this just a matter of an out-of-date web site? You'd think with a figure as toxic as Roesgen, they'd make sure to get it right.


Robert W. said...

I've also wondered about what happened to this Poster Girl for Unprofessional Journalism. Yours is the most recent post I could find about her.

Anonymous said...

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