Rep. Hank Johnson on the Guam Crisis

Yes, these are the people who just took over our health care system by force. Hope you don't need a doctor!


ProfoundSkeptic said...

Remember, he replaced Cynthia McKinney in the house. Which would you prefer?

Though, the Admiral deservers a medal for his patience.

Sic Ibid said...

I've heard (no joke) that this Congressman actually suffers from a mental illness, brought on by a battle with Hepatitis C, if I recall the information correctly.

Now, we can say that makes him fit in better with the rest, maybe, but those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the island may capsize if we put all those Marines and equipment there. And then everyone drowns due to global warming melting the icecaps.

I think Japan has a good point, WW2 has been over for sixty years, and it is time for the US TO LEAVE!

Maybe teaching racial division and hatred wasn't such a good idea after all

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