Stay Ahead of the Media. Cap and Trade is Up to Bat.

Everyone by now should have realized that the media take up about an issue/cause per week. All those channels of 24 hour news, and yet they all cover the same things. Democrats own the media and play it like a fiddle. So let's look ahead a bit. You'll notice that right now, Obama is beginning the sales pitch this week for Cap and Trade legislation. This is as big and bad as Health Care Reform. As Obama tries to lay the intellectual groundwork, by obfuscating the issue as only he can, confusing masses of people into supporting or only half-heartedly opposing Cap and Trade, Pelosi is sharpening her brass knuckles.

Dems know they might not have their majority after November, so they're going to aggressively try to ram through as many of their big-ticket agenda items as possible before then. They're emboldened by passage of Health Care Reform, and they're now even openly admitting they are "Socialists" and that the Health Care bill was really just a form of "Redistribution". Those are words that, for some reason, they didn't use during the debate leading up to passage of the bill. Why admit to it now? Because they think they are indestructible and can do anything they want. With Amnesty also on the agenda, they might have another 15 million voters, so why would they worry about upsetting us with overly strident legislation? Heck, even the Dems' precious Card Check is back on the agenda (which allows anyone to easily unionize and removes secret ballots for that decision), after taking a year off, out of public view. Only this time they're going to try to achieve it by means of regulation, not legislation.

So, there is your guide to the next 7 months of radical leadership in D.C. Cap and Trade. Amnesty. Card Check. Along with Health Care Reform, if they manage to pass all those other items, they'll rank up there with the most radical and productive Congressional-Presidential teams the U.S. has ever had. I'd say get involved early and start calling your representatives right now, but we've seen proof that they fundamentally do not care what their constituents think.

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SarahB said...

I say we start taking bets on whether it will be Cap & Trade or Amnesty first. I can't believe we have to spend another summer doing this non-stop.

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.