As Long as Your Nephew is the President, You Can Be an Illegal Immigrant and Become a Citizen

Not only can you be an illegal immigrant (after a judge tells you to GTFO), you can be granted a green card and maybe even US citizenship.

Oh crap! Are they rioting in Arizona over this yet?

A Boston immigration judge has granted asylum to President Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, clearing the way for her to stay in the United States and possibly to become a US citizen, her lawyers said today.

Asylum from what exactly? The crap they have to deal with back there in Not Ah-merika? Please.

I am 100% for legal immigration, my son's father is a Nicaraguan exile who faced certain death at 15 if he did not leave the country. Civil war is like that, perhaps Mr Obama can give his aunt a lesson in how that works. How bad can it be in Kenya?

Oh wait, the inhumane conditions in Kenya from which Auntie Obama sought to escape (illegally. Again, I remind you just in case) have been nurtured by debt. Really, really bad debt.

Those vultures at the IMF got to them. Bad. So I guess that's a valid reason to want to come to Amerikaans before they get to us too but don't try to pull that $hit because your nephew is the president. Where our president comes from is a sore subject here, let's not get into that.

God bless America! She'll probably do better at memorizing the Constitution than 95% of Congress. She better, the media and angry Republicans are watching.


Sic Ibid said...

You forgot the best part, JDA. The White House officially says it "was not involved" in this! HA!

Pick your favorite cliche..."and the Pope's not Catholic"...."and I'm Bob Hope"....it's up to you.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

how about "just the tip"?

Happy Super Tuesday!