San Diego gets off Arizona boycott list on a technicality

... because the nitwit San Diego City Council just voted to "condemn," not to boycott.

Full boycott list at AZ Fights Back.


Unknown said...

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Sic Ibid said...

Why doesn't AZ just get on with it and shut off CA's water supply? I've heard the talk of such leverage. I would love to see AZ actually step it up like that, though. Then how quickly would all the liberal idiot city councilmen and 2 bit state congressmen reverse their stances, eh?

Agua No Mas Para Ustedes, CA! Which also means no more water for CA's illegals, too! Oh no, what is CA to do?

This whole thing is not just a demographic issue. It's a fight over how to solve Social Security's insolvency and even address Medicare's similar problems. A massive addition of new workers would go a LONG way towards allowing Washington, DC politicians to once and for all find a "solution" and be able to gloss over the fact that they've been literally stealing $ from the SS fund for decades, painting themselves as blameless in the process. Don't let them pull such a stunt. Smoke and mirrors. Don't let them get away with it. Make them answer for robbing the SS fund blind.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Can I please move before that happens?

Gavin and Co are almost done looting San Francisco (Muni is broke, Oakland is laying off 200 cops, the schools have no money, blah blah blah) so they already have their escape route planned. I'm right behind them, I'm not sticking around to see what happens.

Why can't the Fed just buy the $2 trillion in IOUs that are sitting in there? Problem solved.

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