Incompetent DHS still can't keep terrorists off planes

You'd think after all this time and after the Christmas near-disaster in Detroit, the DHS would have a real-time no-fly list that would alert airline and airport staff when a terrorist was checking in or boarding.

You'd be wrong.

Faisal Shahzad was permitted to board a plane more than 10 hours after the feds put him on a no-fly list because the airline hadn't updated its files, officials said.

The events Monday night exposed a gap in the nation's aviation security system that nearly allowed Shahzad to flee Kennedy Airport on a flight to Dubai.

But I'm sure these people won't make any mistakes when they're running your health care!


Negocios Loucos said...

You mean do their job!?!? Dude we're a union country now, we can only hope for a 20% success rate at best from these subhumans.

But don't you worry, they will be requiring people to take off socks for our protection.

Charlie McDanger said...

Careful what you wish for. It's private industry that f'd up this one.

wcv said...


If the g_d federal government can micromanage the type of health care we are allowed and forced to have, they certainly can be responsible for establishing a real-time no-fly list connected to the airline systems.

DHS can't ignore airline systems and then blame the airlines for the failures.

Negocios Loucos said...

You know it's incredible that we live in a day and age when Lindsay Lohan can Tweet that she just pee'd herself after not getting into a nightclub and instantly folks with internet access in Estonia will know it. YET, the DHS can't seem to transmit to the airline industry critical national security information? Something doesn't make sense regardless if it is public or private. Someone needs to be fired.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

And yet *I* get an SSSS and nearly grounded in Dallas because I don't have a state-issued ID but DO have a birth certificate, every credit card statement I have, a W-2, a letter from my employer, and a f%$^ing Costco card.

God bless America!

Wait til the "terrorists" start launching bioweapons and your ass is on the train to the FEMA "safe" camp wondering why there's a "hope and change" brand burned into your left asscheek.

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