How to save at-risk youth

Get them out of the greedy grasp of the filthy teachers' unions.

The WSJ tells a story of two Oklahoma City youths in the same poor, Hispanic neighborhood, one of whom was stuck in a union school and has no college plans upon graduation. The other, who escaped to a charter school, won a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma despite having flirted with gangs and drugs in middle school.

The vignettes are backed up by statistics:
Out of 71 seniors at [charter school] Santa Fe South, 62 will attend a four-year university, two-year college or vocational school in the fall.

At the union school?
[...] about 50 of the 147 graduating seniors will enter a vocational school or college in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

The failing education system is really hurting the youth of America.

My thought is to legalize corporal punishment and get rid of poor teachers.

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