Debtors' Revolt's Ann Minch: Chase Bank, Are You Stupid?

Last month we linked this video of a woman telling Bank of America to pound sand. They raised her interest rate to an obscene rate despite a perfect payment history, and she declared they wouldn't get another dime from her.

Well, her video went viral and she went on a bunch of MSM shows. And after ignoring the requests of private citizen Ann Minch, the Bank that Retarded Hillbilly Ken Lewis Built caved in to the demands of TV star Ann Minch.

Next up: Chase, which tried to smack her with a 21% interest rate.

Advantage: Minch. Minch's blog can be found at Debtors Revolt Now.

You know our philosophy here: Neither a borrower nor a lender be. But if ye be a borrower anyway, squirrel away some gold, run up your credit cards, and then go out with a bang. The dirty banks will settle for pennies on the dollar if you look like you have no assets.

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