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Taking it back

JammieWearingFool says:
Garofalo of course uses the new snarky word that the loony liberals have fallen in love with, to label the Tea Party attendees, one which most Tea Party attendees had no idea what it meant and needed the deviants on the left explain to the rest of the world. The fact that liberals knew what that word meant without looking it up says more about them then it does the people they are trying to smear.

Au contraire. I'm an OT (Original Teabagger), and I've always known what the term meant. Just because we hate big government doesn't mean we can't have a dirty sense of humor.

Now we're taking back the word "Teabagger" like gays took back the word "queer."

We're here, we're Teabaggers, and we're in your face!


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