Jerry Brown vs. CNBC

This was a treat to watch yesterday.

Here's a paraphrased summary.

CNBC bimbo: Thank you for coming on to talk to us about California's lawsuit against State Street Bank over alleged ripoffs in foreign exchange pricing in CalPERS and CalSTRS transactions. Aren't you just grandstanding because you are running for governor?

Jerry Brown: Screw you, you New York media elitist bimbo! You're the one who invited me on here to talk about it. This is a major fraud case brought to us by whistleblowers a year ago. It has nothing to do with my run for governor. If you don't want to cover this, why did you invite me on?

I will probably vote for Jerry. He's a real maverick, and everybody on the Republican side is a go-along-get-along tax-and-spender. Poizner, who claims to be the "conservative" in the race, has a history of supporting tax increases and just decided this year that it might be convenient for him to run against taxes.

I'll take my chances with the maverick Democrat over any of the three Republicans who are likely to turn out to be Schwarzenegger II.

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