Happy BFF - Bakersfield Edition

I was really starting to worry that things were askew at the FDIC. They didn’t shut anyone down last week and as of 6PM PST they hadn’t shut anyone down this week. I thought that one of the following must have happened:

1. All banks became solvent, the crisis is over, there’s nothing to look at here, move along folks.
2. The FDIC finally ran out of money. SAY WHAT?!?
3. Sheila and Suze were on a 2 week, instead of 1 week, retreat to solve their recent bout of lesbian bed death.
But as I log in at close to 10 PM on a Friday evening, I see that Sheila was back in action, at least bank-wise. She took down the San Joaquin Bank in Bakersfield, California signaling to the world that everything is normal once again.

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