Serious lack of humanity ...

On a more serious note ...

Something is seriously wrong with our society when people can stand by and watch a girl get assaulted and not do anything about it.

As many as seven people assaulted her as she lay on a bench, while others jeered, beat her, robbed her and took photos with their cell phones. Police say they don't know how many people watched during the course of the attack, but some reports have said as many 20.

When we lose our ability to have compassion for each other, we lose what it is that makes us human. Yes I am judging here. They stood by and watch, cheered on, took pictures, of a young girl being beaten and raped. No one took action for two f*&^ing hours. Let that sink in. Two hours.

"Our assumption is that when parents bring the kids to the school, to the dance, that they also arrange for a safe ride back," said spokesman Marin Trujillo. "If kids wish to leave the dance in the middle of the dance, we assume they have a safe ride back. There's a limit to what we can do."

Sorry no. This happened on school property, during a school function. Therefore the school is responsible for the safety of the children. There is no passing the buck to responsibility here cause you f*&^ed the hell up majorly. Unbelievable.

There is nothing good from this whole situation. Everyone in Richmond loses from this. When did they forget that people are suppose to care bout one another. When did they forget they are human.

Richmond High gang rape, lack of action from onlookers outrages community

Second Suspect In Custody; More Arrests Expected

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