Federal Government is considering its "role" in journalism!?!

In all seriousness, how much more proof do we need as a country? Are people even paying attention out there? Our government is in the midst of radically transforming itself into something this nation was never meant to be. Recall that the Socialists' 4 Pillars of Deceit are Academia, Government, Science, and Media. Uh, has anyone been even glanced at the news in the last year? Can anyone argue that any of those "pillars" is not today entirely corrupt and deceitful?

And now, yes, the Federal Government sees a "role" for itself in journalism in the "new journalism model". Congressman Waxman is openly encouraging that discussion. There's talk of Federal Government bailouts of newspapers, changing their tax status, changing copyright laws, granting them non-profit status, etc. All to keep them afloat, and keep them pumping the Government's pure filth-ridden lies to the public. Does the Constitution give the Federal Government a "role" in journalism? Isn't it more accurate to say that it's almost the exact opposite of that? The Constitution specifically grants the entire field of journalism freedom from the government. There is no "role" for the government in journalism granted by the Constitution.

This other link is titled "FTC Explores Future of Journalism in Internet Age".

As long as "pillars" was mentioned in this post, I might as well add the inevitable/fashionable/obligatory reference to the "10 Pillars Communism" [aka 10 "planks"]. This link addresses how close the US has or has not come to adopting each plank over the last 100 years. 'Til next time, Comrades!

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