555 YVR - Release 2.0

We've reported many times about a couple of condo complexes in suburban Walnut Creek. 555 YVR (Ygnacio Valley Road) is a particular favorite because traffic-wise it sits on the busiest street in the city and abuts motel and a gas station. It's still at least 4 blocks from downtown stores contrary to what the website implies and the only real convenient shopping is the nearby Target(of course pronounced 'TAR-jae' by these residents).

It became real comedy when some of the units were converted to low income housing which we linked here. You know, you get to sit on the top of the luxury, urban/suburban setting here sipping chardonnay with your fellow low income owners. Although I believe they prefer a pinot grigio, but this place supports diversity so that's OK.

But I could be wrong, this owner seems to be living the dream:
...When I evaluated 555YVR, I was struck by the urban contemporary feel (SoMA on North Main…), and their attention to design detail. Having lived here a few months, I find that the fringe benefits are not bad either. Walking distance to all the downtown amenities? Check. Proximity to public transportation and the freeway? Got that, too. Rooftop lounge with fireplace and stunning view of Mt D? Yup!

And now, to add to the mix, a nascent courtyard “scene”. What better way to wind down than returning home to an on site ”happening”! As a foodie bachelor who is challenged in the culinary department, I’m always a sucker for free food and wine. On my wishlist? That a certain residential yoga instructor organize a sunset yoga class up on the roof, followed by a wine social.

Anyway, the reason this came to my attention again is that I got a flier in the mail advertising a 3.5% down payment option. Brilliant! The less you put down the easier it is to walk away from this pig when it's lost half it's value. I mean what happens to the value of your condo if they decide to turn it into a rental building like the Mercer?


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Fuck that, that's prime real estate by SF standards. We don't even HAVE a convenient Tar-jae in the city.

And I assume they allow plastic bags in Walnut Creek? Man, sounds like utopia to this city-dweller.

I can't afford a 3.5% down payment, how about $100 bucks and some Groupons for cheap eats instead?

Negocios Loucos said...

Yeah we use plastic bags because we hate planet earth. We want to actually cut down LESS trees, mot more like the Green Party.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I'm just offended that the SF Board of Supervisors decided we - the Earth-loving, recycling citizens of San Francisco - are too irresponsible to handle plastic bags. It makes for really rough Safeway runs on Muni in rainy season if you have no choice but to use paper, not to mention the fact that we now have to BUY trash bags for smaller garbage cans since we can no longer repurpose old Safeway plastic bags to line the bathroom trash.


But hey, what do I care? I'm out of here.

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