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Tea Party 9/12

I'll be there in Sacramento tomorrow. If you're anywhere near Sacramento, St. Louis, or Washington, D.C., please join us.


Anonymous said...

Why is it there are no African American tea partiers I've ever seen? Why is it everyone is Caucasian? It reminds me of my visits to San Diego where a black person can't be found.

SarahB said...

There are plenty of folks of all races, creeds, religions, political parties, etc. in the Tea Party. Come to the 10.10.10 Tea Party we are throwing in Oceanside next month at the peir (noon-4). We already have Mason Weaver and the Black Shields of America confirmed.

Have a great time in Sac, W.C.!!!

Anonymous said...

. . . In other words, it's curious why the tea partiers chose a black man presentator in this video. He was obviously paid well to falsely promote the idea the movement is diverse when it clearly is not.

W.C. Varones said...

"Why is it there are no African American tea partiers I've ever seen?"

Because you've never been to a Tea Party.

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