Is Lisa Murkowski delusional?

After being rejected in the Republican primary in favor of true conservative Joe Miller, establishment porkmeister Lisa Murkowski is about to announce a write-in candidacy.

I think she's underestimating the anti-establishment mood this year. She's a silver-spoon Senator who was handed the seat by her Daddy, and she's been a consummate Washington insider as long as she's been there.

Alaska's an independent, freedom-loving state, and I don't think they're gonna buy what she's selling. I hope the NRSC will advertise heavily against her to discourage such suicide bombings by RINOs in the future.

Surely Murkowski is burning bridges she could have used to a fatcat lobbyist career, or future cabinet appointment.


Reaganite Independent said...

Lisa Murkowski’s no Crist, lest anybody think that-

He is at least a talented campaigner/politician/snake who’s actually got his name on the ballot- and started his independent candidacy with a big lead, NONE of which are the case with Murkowski

Now Joe Miller can whip two libs instead of one, as Palin said about Murkowski’s decision yesterday "It’s all good".

Even Orange Charlie is getting creamed by double digits in the latest poll, so far Rubio had no problem facing two boneheads that support the Obama agenda AT ALL

Miller won’t either, imo

SarahB said...

GOP is self imploding

John Enright said...

Delusional seems right. Maybe she's trying to spoil it for the GOP.

Strange days indeed

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