Canada fires up the Home ATMs

... 'cause, you know, it worked out so well down here.

Party on, Garth!

CIBC offers 7% bonus loan on top of your existing mortgage balance.

CIBC Up to 7% Cash Back Offer could be for you if you:

  • Want to renovate, furnish or decorate your home
  • Would like to take a dream vacation
  • Want to prepare for any unexpected moving expenses
  • Want to make an additional lump sum payment on your mortgage
  • Need money for a special upcoming event such as an anniversary, wedding or child on the way
  • Want to renew an existing mortgage early, or transfer your mortgage from another financial institution and have prepayment costs to pay
  • Want to purchase investments, open an RESP or make an RRSP contribution

CIBC Up to 7% Cash Back Offer Key Benefits:

Saves you money

  • You get up to 7% cash back based on your mortgage amount and term1, to spend however you choose
  • This cash back amount is completely tax-free **
  • There are no cash maximums - the larger your mortgage, the more cash back you receive
I don't even see anything about needing to have any equity or an appraisal. I hope that falls under the vague "standard lending requirements" in the fine print.

HT: Mish

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